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Pharmacognosy helps students to familiarize with all parts of plant drugs containing the bioactive materials. Moreover, it deals with their botanical origin, macro & microscopic characters, bioactive constituents, medicinal uses and industrial production of these drugs for pharmaceutical uses.

  • Phytochemical analysis of bioactive constituents includes chemical tests chromatographic separation, and instrumental analysis.
    Facilities for
  • Organoleptic, microscopical & macroscopical analysis of entire and powdered forms of drugs
  • Extraction, separation, isolation, identification & purification of bioactive constituents
  • Standardization of ayurvedic formulations


Various types of microscopes, (simple, compound, projection, Illumination) microtome, camera Lucida, soxhlet apparatus, Clevenger apparatus, muffle furnace, TLC set, column chromatography, paper chromatography IR pan for moisture, determination.