Department -


Departmental objectives:-

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry imparts in-depth knowledge about all the chemical aspects of drugs and natural products, such as structure, synthesis, isolation and structural activity relationship with Pharmacological activity. The department is comprised of all major branches of pharmaceutical chemistry starting from basic organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical and phytochemistry.

To impart quality education in pharmaceutical chemistry as well as training in different aspects of good laboratory and manufacturing practice

To train undergraduate and postgraduate students in relevant specialties

To offer quality research in pharmaceutical and allied sciences

Lab facilities:-

Pharmaceutical chemistry lab is fully equipped with instruments to perform inorganic chemistry and organic and natural chemistry practicals. In our lab, students are able to carry out innovative researches in the area of identification and isolation of new drug molecules from natural sources, synthesis of lead molecules from natural sources, synthesis of lead molecules which can be a future drug molecule. Apart from this, our labs have computer facilities, able to access National and International journals
modern software to carry out QSAR studies and Optimization of lead molecule.

Equipment details:-

Our labs are fully equipped with instruments and glassware to carry out organic, inorganic, synthetic, and natural chemistry practicals like TLC applicators, Rotary Evaporator, Soxhlet apparatus, Columns etc.