National Seminar on”Emerging trends and perspectives in Pharmaceutical Sciences”
16 Dec 2017
It is a great honor and privilege to have this opportunity to invite you and your  colleague to allocate your prestigious time and effort to participate in the national conference on ‘Emerging trends and perspectives in Pharmaceutical Sciences’
or mail your registration forms to:
The Principal,National College of Pharmacy
KMCT Medical Campus
Mukkam ,Manassery 673602
or e mail at:
Please super scribe/subject the envelope/email  with
       “NCP SEMINAR -2017
Registration fee /person: –      INR. /-200
Registration deadline   :-       12 Decemeber 2017
Registration Rules:
·         Enrolment is restricted to 100 participants, therefore application will be accepted on  
               “First come first served basis”.
·        ·         Fee includes Tuition, Material and Lunch.
·         At the end of the programme certificate will be awarded to the participants.
Inaugural Address
by:- Dr.K.G Rajendran
                      Former Vice President
                      USV Pharma
Gene Therapy:-
Dr. Santhiagu.A,Associate Professor,
Department of Biotechnology
National Institute of Technology,Calicut
Q&A-10 mins
Cell division proteins:Attractive targets for anticancer chemotherapy:-
Dr.Rathinasamy,Associate Professor,
Department of Biotechnology
National Institute ofTechnology,Calicut
Relevance of MolecularDocking in Drug Design:- 
Dr. Bijo Mathew,Associate Professor ,
Department of  Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ahalia  School of  Pharmacy,Palakkad
ADME &Toxicity in Drug Discovery: Experimental and Predictive Methods:- 
Dr.GirinathG. Pillai,CEO, Zastra Innovations,
Regulatory Compliance and Indian pharma Market:-
Dr. Unnikrishnan.M.K,
Principal,National College of Pharmacy,Calicut